Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which kind of criteria has the printing file comply with?
    The best solution is when the file is in PDF format and in CMYK colour model. There should be a 3-mm cutting reserve on every side of the printed image. In order to have the text printed out in the same way as you see it on the monitor display, it has to be converted into a static object by a special layout program (command: curves or outlines). In order to ensure the quality of elements presented in raster graphics in the printout, their resolution has to be 300dpi.
  2. What is the size of the business card?
    The standard size of a business card in our region is 90x50mm. Also 85x55mm format cards are used.
  3. How to ensure a long service life of a printed shirt?
    We recommend turning the shirt inside out before washing. The washing temperature should be below 40C. Do not iron the printed image on the shirt.
  4. I cannot choose the right printing technology for my project. Help me please.
    We will consider your requirements and provide best solutions to your project. Please contact us!

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