Printing on Clothing

There are many different possibilities to give a new image to clothing. The approach to the project depends mainly on the material of the clothing, the number of items adjusted and the purpose of use of the clothing in future. In case of various project we combine different printing technologies.
  • Silk-screen printing

    Silk-screen printing

    If one and the same image is printed on a big number of clothing items, you might consider silk-screen printing. This method gives a long lasting and durable result. Silk screen printing comprises preparation costs of printing; however, in case of a bigger delivery the price per one piece is incomparably cheaper in comparison with any other method.

  • Sublimation


    Sublimation is a technology widely used on sports clothes. This technology provides an extremely durable result as the pigment is absorbed in the fibre and the printed colours on the clothing cannot be distinguished by hand. Unfortunately, the sublimation technique can be applied only on polyester (the technology gives no effect on a natural fabric).

  • Embroidery


    Embroidery is popular with work clothes because it gives top line finishing to the clothes. Upon touching the embroidered surface feels as if raised on the surface of the material.

  • Heat pressure

    Heat pressure

    Different numbers and logos on sports clothes are made by applying heat pressure on thermo film. If many different elements are printed on clothing, this is the most reasonable technique to apply. The heat pressure method is used when the number of printed items is rather small.

  • Promotional clothing
  • Work clothes
  • Sports clothes

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