Photo canvas

  • Your stories in your interior
  • A tasteful fit
  • A gift that offers great emotion

Canvas as a material itself conveys dignity and exudes great taste. If in the past it was customary to work on the canvas with oil paints and easels, today, the canvas makes a great match with a wide-format printer.

Photo canvas is a great way to make interior design elements out of your own family photos and display them on empty surfaces that need some ‘life’.

The photo canvases are tightened around the frame so that the print is also on the sides of the frame. The result remains wholesome and refined.

We print photo canvases with state-of-the-art Roland printers, which ensures that the results are of high quality and the print itself is safe (does not emit hazardous substances into your living environment). At the same time, we always ask customers to be aware that a high-quality file is also needed to achieve a high-quality result.

Price list

Please note that mentioned prices do not include VAT (20%)