Plastic film cutting

  • Special films (sandblasted, metallic, reflective)
  • Long-term and lasting results
  • Endless possibilities!

Usually, it’s necessary to perform film cutting if the customer wants to decorate the surface with a custom or special plastic film produced in the factory. A good example is milky-white films used in the office environment, which offer privacy in the rooms (lets light through but you cannot see what’s written on the documents lying on the table).

Other examples include special plastic films (such as reflective materials) used for vehicles and factory-produced plastic films of different colours from which you can cut texts or images.

The film is cut with a special plotter, the graphics are cleaned of excessive film and, if necessary, covered with transfer paper (so that the installer can conveniently apply the stickers later).

We offer the installation of stickers in cooperation with our business partners.
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