Printed glass splashbacks

  • Brings your kitchen to life
  • There are no joints where dirt could accumulate
  • Realistic graphics for any interior

Printed glass splashbacks have been added to our selection as a new product line. We recommend using glass splashbacks as a back wall for kitchen worktops. We recommend using glass splashbacks as a back wall for kitchen worktops. In addition, the glass is easy to clean – there are no joints where fat and food residues could accumulate and deposit. For a well-installed kitchen glass, the result remains extremely clean and refined. It’s possible to install the glass splashbacks with the help of both fixings and glue.

Since the print is on the other side of the glass (on the wall side), there is no risk that you may accidentally wash something off or that the colours on it will fade. Our products have a 2-year guarantee.

Printed glass splashbacks have also gained popularity as an interior design element. As traditional paintings and canvases are already too ordinary for many customers today, they often decide in favour of glass. Glass as a material can convey some inexplicable brilliance and metropolitan atmosphere. If the glass is also illuminated with modern LED lighting, a very strong screen effect is created: with the right lighting solution, the graphics on the glass can easily be "brought to life".

We use only high-quality printing materials and the most modern Roland wide-format printers to ensure the best possible printing quality.