Screen printing

  • Uncompromising printing method for larger quantities (on textiles)
  • Nice-looking and long-lasting
  • It’s possible to print most detailed graphics
  • Screen printing is worth considering if the number of units to be printed is at least 20

Screen printing is our DNA: this is where our whole venture began.

It’s a long-lasting printing method where the design is printed on the textile product through a mesh. It allows to create very complex and detailed designs. Screen printing requires preparation costs, but for large quantities it’s by far the most advantageous printing method. Absolutely the fastest and cheapest method when tens, hundreds or thousands of identical products are needed.
Most retail T-shirts are printed using the screen printing method.

We recommend washing printed garments inside out in 40°C water.

We only perform screen printing on textile products (T-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags, etc.).