• Just as big as needed
  • Low preparation costs
  • Fast and high-quality results

Large prints that cannot be produced with smaller laser or inkjet printers are printed with a wide-format printer. The wide-format printer allows to print on a wide variety of media, and the media is inserted into the printer in rolls. This means that one print can be tens of metres long (although it must be considered that there is a width limitation on the print).

As previously described, there are a wide range of applications for a wide-format printer. We print stickers, information labels , and roll-ups with our equipment, large posters , printed glass splashbacks , photo canvases as well as thermal films (special materials for hot-stamping on shirts).

For production, we use the most up-to-date Roland hybrid printers, which ensure that the prints are of high quality and the result is even and long-lasting (of course, note that for good printing results, you need to provide high-quality files). We use the cleanest inks possible for our printers to protect the well-being and health of our customers and our employees.