Zip-up hoodies

A zip hoodie is convenient to put on and take off, and the zipper itself functions like a thermostat. If I feel cold, I can zip it up, and if it's warm, I can keep the flaps open.

We have carefully chosen hoodies for our assortment that we ourselves wear and wholeheartedly recommend to our friends. All of the sweats are made of sustainable materials and incredibly gentle against your skin. Come try those on at our showroom!

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decorating zip-up hoodies


Screen printing requires preparation costs, but for large quantities, it’s the most economically advantageous printing method. It’s a long-lasting and durable printing method. Most retail sweatshirts sold are printed using the screen printing method.

Every colour printed needs a separate printing frame. This makes screen printing rather expencive for smaller batches.

DTG printing

DTG is a state of the art decorating method where digital printer prints directly onto the textile product. A hoodie is laid on the pallet and printing process is done by the machine itself.

On a white/light garment you cannot feel the decoration at all. The print is max soft and does not create ‘an-extra-layer’ feel (the common issue with heat transfers). Darker garments need to be pre-treated before printing to make sure that the prints shall have vivid colours. Print on pre-treated textiles does have a feel, but it is a lot softer and lighther than thermo transferred alternatives.


Embroidery is very often chosen for thicker products like hoodies or sweat shirts. The embroidery remains very perceptible by hand (embossed). With machine embroidery, we cannot guarantee a highly detailed design. It's not possible to embroider photos.

With machine embroidery, we cannot guarantee a highly detailed design. With machine embroidery, we accept orders starting from 10 units.


Heat pressing is a method in which graphics are pressed on the textile product with high pressure and heat. It is mostly used when the amount of hoodies being printed is rather low. Colourful thermal films and printed thermo vinyl films are installed on the fabric with this method. We only use materials of the highest quality.