• Nice-looking and refined
  • With many uses
  • Common in outerwear decoration

Machine embroidery is a nice-looking and long-lasting method of decorating textile products.
Embroidery is very often chosen for thicker products (fleeces, jackets, work jackets, sweaters, winter hats, baseball caps, etc.). The embroidery remains very perceptible by hand (embossed). With machine embroidery, we cannot guarantee a highly detailed design. It's not possible to embroider photos.

Machine embroidery is also used in the production of emblems. An emblem is a separate piece of fabric that is bordered and embroidered with graphics (usually). Emblems are more often used to decorate winter hats (if embroidery is not possible) or to indicate the names and ranks of different authorities.
If necessary, the emblems can be attached to the product by sewing, with glue cloth (pressed permanently on the product's surface) as well as with Velcro (this ensures the possibility to change the emblems).

With machine embroidery, we accept orders starting from 10 units.