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Our selection includes a wide variety of sports shirts, sweatshirts and trousers, outdoor sports jackets, yoga pants and more.

We have provided sportswear for both smaller teams and large-scale sports events (1000+ units). Our experience in the supply and decoration of sports shirts goes back years and we’re more than capable of taking on these tasks.

Below you can see some of the most popular sportswear with excellent value for money.

When searching for a specific product, please contact our project managers or salespeople.

About decorating

Screen printing

Screen printing should definitely be considered when the amount of sports shirts being printed is big. This method is really long-lasting and durable. Screen printing requires preparation costs, but for large quantities it’s by far the most advantageous printing method. Every colour printed needs a separate printing frame. Screen printing gives you the possibility to print special inks as well (glow-in-the-dark and reflector). Endless possibilities!

Heat pressing

Thermal film is a very reasonable solution for sportswear.
The numbers and logos are cut out of the thermal film with a film cutter and pressed on the surface of the shirts and trousers. The films retain their colour very well and do not fade.


Only white (light-coloured) products made of synthetic fibre (polyester) can be sublimated!
Sublimation of textile products means the transfer colour pigments to the fabric in such a way that the print is not perceptible by hand: the pigment attaches inside the fabric fibre, not on top of it. For sublimed textile products, the print cannot wear off (the print is extremely durable to washing).