Reflective vests

  • High-visibility workwear for difficult conditions
  • Reasonable prices and fast delivery
  • We print your logo on the product
  • An ordinary item becomes high visibility

In the production and construction industry, high-visibility clothes are a requirement. We offer reflective vests with different designs and high-visibility workwear.

In addition to already existing reflective vests, we can turn all kinds of clothing into high-visibility items: by applying light-reflecting prints on garments.

About decorating hi-vis vests


Absolutely the fastest and cheapest method when tens, hundreds or thousands of identical vests are needed. It’s a long-lasting and durable printing method. Screen printing requires preparation costs, but for large quantities it’s by far the most advantageous printing method. Every colour printed needs a separate printing frame.


Is used when the quantity is rather small. The graphics are applied using high temperatures and preassure.
NB! We have the possibility to make each item Hi-Vis using speciality reflective materials.