Warm hats

We usually think of knitted hats when the temperatures start reaching below freezing. However, many hats are versatile and can be worn throughout the year, especially in windy environments where they are particularly essential. And let's be honest: many of us often wear hats simply because they look cool.

For knitted hats, common methods of decoration include embroidery, attaching patches, or adding printed labels. So there are options!

About decorating
warm hats


Most popular method for decorating winter hats and caps as well. The embroidery remains very perceptible by hand (embossed). With machine embroidery, we cannot guarantee a highly detailed design. It's not possible to embroider photos.

Machine embroidery is also used in the production of patch. An patchis a separate piece of fabric that is bordered and embroidered with graphics (usually). Emblems are more often used to decorate winter hats.
With machine embroidery, we accept orders starting from 10 units.

Transfer printing

It’s a subcategory of screen printing that allows the use of screen printing features to decorate products where this would not otherwise be possible (such as lined products). It is a great option if detailed graphics need to be printed. For transfer printing, the textile product must withstand heat because the print is applied to the surface with a heat press. Outcome will have a really professional look! Transfer printing requires bigger cuantities as there are preparation costs.


To achieve a particularly velvety result, the graphics are cut out of a special material and pressed onto the surface of the textile product. Keep in mind that this is not a suitable method for printing the most detailed graphics. Flocking does not have particural preparation costs. So even smaller orders (starting from 5 units) can be decorated using that method!