DTG printing

  • DTG = Direct-to-Garment
  • Full-colour photo quality results
  • Silky soft feel
  • Clean and harmless inks

DTG is a state of the art decorating method where digital printer prints directly onto the textile product. A T-shirt (or a hoodie) is laid on the pallet and printing process is done by the machine itself.

On a white/light garment you cannot feel the decoration at all. The print is max soft and does not create ‘an-extra-layer’ feel (the common issue with heat transfers). Darker garments need to be pre-treated before printing to make sure that the prints shall hold vivid colours. Print on pre-treated textiles does have a feel, but it is a lot softer and lighter than thermo transferred alternatives.

Most suitable printing files are high-resolution (300dpi) PNG-s with transparent background. This way the printer understands the best where should white colour be printed and which areas to leave transparent.

We use well-known Epson printers that have proven to offer outstanding printing results. Please keep in mind that great results can be achieved when using decent printing files. Our printers use Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified inks that ensures they do not consist harmful chemicals.