If you don’t find an answer to your question here, then please contact us. We will find the solution together.

What do we mean by correct printing file?

* We always prefer a vector file saved in CMYK colour model.
* Texts should always be saved into objects (possible commands: curves or outlines)
* Pixel graphics should have at least 300dpi resolution
* There is a 3mm bleed requirement on each side of the file

How to make the print on textile last as long as possible?

* Use up to 40C washing cycles.
* Before washing turn the shirt/sweat inside out.
* Use mild detergents
* Do not iron the print area.

I live outside of Tallinn. Do you ship to other areas?

Yes, of course! We have great partners that are more than happy to deliver goods to you! We have managed to ship parcels to really distant places. Extra fast shipping in Estonia.

The deadline was yesterday. Could you help me?

We strive to be flexible partner for our customers. So, if possible, we will help you out. Feel free to ask!

They tell me that it cannot be done that way. Why?

Sometimes we just have to say ‘this cannot be achieved due to technical restrictions’ or ‘this is not reasonable’. We don’t use those those expressions frivolously. We give recommendations focusing on client’s interests.

Unfortunately sublimation really doesn’t work on dark cotton T-shirts. So it is out of our hands. The same thing with embroidery: we cannot embroider pictures.

So, there are a few things that we are not able to change. Please be noted that we never give you bad advice intentionally.

I cannot decide suitable decorating method for my project. Help?

We will hear you out and give the the best suggestions that we have to offer. Feel free to get in touch!

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