About us

We Print OÜ is a printing house established in 2012,
whose overall mission is to make life easier for our customers.

Our company's focus is selling textile products and offer high-quality printing services. Our people have long-term experience in the field and use modern and high-quality machinery.

We Print OÜ is a company established and operating with 100% Estonian private capital.

Values we aim to follow in our work:

  • Make sure that the ordered products and services are of such quality
    that we would be happy about the result if we were in our customers’ shoes.
  • Treat each customer kindly.
  • Be honest with our customers: we know what we can and can't do.
  • Give all recommendations in good faith.
  • Answer promptly: we value your (and our own) time. We don't want to leave you on hold.
  • Not to give promises that we cannot deliver.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Make a greater effort than others.

The following is a reminder of how We Print started.

If we start comparing our birth story with other printing companies, this pattern will probably look quite different.

It's common to hear stories where one company has grown out of another or the company (and with it the knowledge and competence specific to the field) has moved from generation to generation. Things happened differently for us. Very differently.

At the time of the establishment of our printing house, the core team of the company had essentially 0 exposure to the printing industry field, 0 sector-specific education, 0 competences and 0 skills. We didn't know anything about screen printing (it was through this printing technology that our company started).

We still can't say where exactly this very original impulse came from, but at some point, we found ourselves watching videos of how T-shirts are printed with a printing carousel for hours on end, and it seemed unsettlingly cool and fascinating – so fascinating that in the early spring of 2012, airline tickets were bought to London and we went to England to select printing equipment. To be honest, there was no idea what this good printing technique should be like, because there was no experience or references. All our knowledge and 'experience' was limited to information from the videos we watched.

But enthusiasm is an amazing thing! On May 14, 2012, we had reached the point where the original 6-colour manual carousel and a small conveyor dryer reached the basement of a 50-square-meter rental space at the Rävala 8 business building. There were no resources, no skills or knowledge, but great willpower can make up for so much.

Today (in the beginning of 2021), we have been able to create a company with competent employees in a modern working environment, well-functioning supply chains and exclusively good and great printing technology. Over the past years of operation, we have carried out around 10,000 larger and smaller projects.

We believe and hope that our organic growth has taught us to understand the true nature of the printing industry as a structure. Our biggest goal can only be to understand our customers' needs and find the most suitable solution for them.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that both transaction parties must win from it. We really try to find the best solution for your needs. Try us out for yourself!

Kind Regards
Kaupo Kuusmaa
We Print OÜ's partner