Heat Pressing

  • A leader in printing on athletic apparel
  • Very low preparation costs
  • Lots of special materials

Heat pressing is a method in which graphics are pressed on the textile product with high pressure and heat. Colourful thermal films and thermo vinyls are applied on the fabric with this method.

Thermal film is a very reasonable solution for sportswear. The numbers and logos are cut out of the thermal film with a film cutter and pressed on the surface of the shirts and trousers. The films retain their colour very well and do not fade.

In the case of printable polyurethane film, the printer prints on a white film, which is then pressed on the surface of the textile product. Decoration can be done with photo quality. Please note that after 15 to 20 washes, the colours may start to fade (it all depends on the cleaning products and washing programs).

To achieve a particularly velvety result, the graphics are cut out of a special material and pressed onto the surface of the textile product. Keep in mind that this is not a suitable method for printing the most detailed graphics.

This textured rubbery material has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. This is a material that is successfully used to decorate both hoodies and baseball caps. Not a suitable material if the graphics are very detailed.

We recommend washing printed garments inside out in 40°C water.