• A widely used medium
  • Affordable and easy process
  • A great range of materials

Nowadays, self-adhesive materials can be found in all possible and impossible places. Stickers are prints / materials that are easy and inexpensive to produce and can often be used to replace more large-scale and costly jobs. For example, instead of repainting a car, it’s possible to cover it with a special wrap film, the office interior can be renewed with specific plastic films, the glass walls of meeting rooms can be made much more private with milky (sandblasted) plastic films.

Our machinery allows us to produce both short-run and long-lasting stickers, which can also be laminated upon request. Lamination ensures that the design remains beautiful for years (the paint layer is sandwiched between the base material and the UV-resistant laminate). If desired, the plastic stickers can be cut into custom shapes.

We also produce paper stickers. They are usually used as short-run product labels. Note that paper stickers are not as resistant to environmental conditions as plastic stickers.

Here are some uses for stikers:

* labels
* promotional materials
* car wrapping
* interior films
* information boards
* traffic signs